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Pastel Portraits

Pastels make excellent portraits of your animals. Here are a few example of portraits Lucy has completed for clients. All portraits include bespoke frame with non reflective glass. Prices start from £140 for A4 portrait framed


‘ Red ‘ the boxer. This boxer had bags of personality that I tried to capture in the portrait here. This was an A3 size portrait in an ash frame with non-reflective glass and cost £180


‘ Leo’ the Norwegian Mountain cat is probably the most handsome cat I’ve ever met! I took photos of this handsome fellow and couldn’t wait to sketch him!


I grew up with labradors so they are one of my favourite dog breeds and I’ve been lucky enough to paint and draw many of these delightful animals. Here is a portrait of two oman A3 size which is £180 (for two subjects)  mounted and framed in non reflective glass.

Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings are the more traditional method for capturing portraits. I can do detailed background but turnaround time is slower as the drying process takes longer


‘Doofus’ This was a very special portrait done in memory for a lady who had recently lost her beloved Great Dane commissioned by her father. I received a very touching letter which I will treasure


‘Bernard’ the beautiful pointer. The yellow eyes inspired me to do a similar colour background. This portrait was A3 size and a similar style would cost £220 with a handmade frame

pet portraits-5

This was a commission done for a ladies husband of his beloved 3 dogs that he takes out working. A cocker spaniel, working spaniel and black lab. We decided to set the scene and I added a pheasant and dusky sky reminiscent of his days out shooting in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. This commission was 24 inches wide with a  bespoke made frame and cost £350


I can also do sketch b& w portraits of animals and people which can also be quite striking. I always recommend pencil portraits for people as you can capture so much expression in black and white. Framed sketches start from£135 for a A4 framed picture

pet portraits-3

Horse portraits work really well in pastel or graphite sketch, but here you can see how black and white really emphasises the beautiful muscle tones of these beautiful animals

Lab sketch

Gorgeous black lab I did  a portrait of.


Alfie the black lab. A christmas present sketch